Toroinvest’s charts

Using helping tools more efficiently is a smart way to maximize your chances for a successful trade

It would be almost impossible or at least very hard to trade without helping and research tools. That is why Toroinvest provides you with various charts indicating the price movement of different currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks alongside other trading information, absolutely free of charge.
What are the different chart types
One of the easiest forms of charts that you can use, especially if you are a beginner trader, is the line chart. The line charts are based on the lines drawn from one closing price to the next one.

This type of chart indicates the basic price movement of a certain market over a given period of time. The Line chart also recognizes technical patterns, and this is why they are so popular among the starters.

Another type of chart is the Bar Chart. It gives you the opening and closing prices as well, but also the highs and lows for a specific period of time. At the bottom of the bar, you can follow the lowest traded price for the period, and the highest price is indicated at the top. Horizontal marks draw the opening and closing prices to the left and right of the vertical bar. There bar charts are two types. You have the bull chart, which shows rising tendencies, and the bear chart – the falling ones. They provide you with more information about trading over a specific period of time, but this chart is more complicated than the Line chart, so if you are new to trading, it would be a bit harder for you to find patterns.

Probably the most common type of chart is the Candlestick chart. It represents a chart composed of individual candles that you use to follow and analyze the stock price movement. Although here, you have more components. There are four indicators showing where the price opened for a period, where the price closed for a period, and the prices’ highs and lows, so basically, it combines the previous two charts.

You can use candlestick charts in many ways. The method you choose depends on your trading style and preferences.

How important is chart-reading?

Chart-reading is probably the most important trading skill you have to master. As an individual trader, your main focus is to buy stocks that the big investors are buying heavily, respectively, to avoid stocks they are selling. And here is where charts come to the rescue. It’s easier to find a pattern when you know what you are looking for.

It is worth the effort to find the most suitable charts for you in order to save time, which is one of the most valuable assets in trading – market timing.

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