Toroinvest provides you with some of the most elaborate trading research tools technology has to offer. Introducing the Autochartist – a splendid and helpful innovation. It saves you time by analyzing substantial amounts of data, ultimately helping you to find a better trading strategy.

The Autochartist analyses chart patterns, probabilities, price forecasts, support, resistance levels, and more to give you a competitive edge in decision making. It recognizes periods with higher volatility and helps you set exit levels. Toroinvest’s Autochartist also notifies you when there are significant daily updates or market shifts.

Get a deeper understanding of Toroinvest’s Autochartist

Autochartist provides probability filters, searching for big market events and comparing them to past performances and patterns. The volatility analysis is another great helping tool as it finds time periods when the asset prices drift faster and helps you when setting exit levels. It also shows you market reports with important updates and changes every day.

You can personalize your Autochartist tool from the Trading Community. The online user manual is also available, and there you can find useful links to e-books and resources.

We believe the Autochartist will not only save you some time and effort but also help you grow and develop as an investor. At its core, trading is not gambling. It is based on informed decision-making.

The Autochartist is entirely automated and indicates the trends of our clients based on the trades they make.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

We would like to inform you that FF Simple and Smart Trades Investment Services Ltd with License Number 080/07 operating under the trade names Tradocenter and ToroInvest and the domains and, has decided to voluntarily renounce its CIF license. This means that the company no longer provides/carries out investment services/activities and/or enters into any business transaction with any person nor does it accept any new clients.

As per the above, clients have received personal emails with further information.